Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mi Casa es Su Casa

We are now in Managua, we arrived last night at about 9pm. Our host family is awesome! Roberto and Greselda and thier 2 year old son Josheph have been very welcoming. The language barrier has been interesting but it is fun to read the dictionary together and play charades. My bedroom is the picture on the right. Like Managua, it is painted with lots of bright colors. The walls are light and dark pink stripes and one wall is lime green. There is lots of closet space...bonus!

This morning I woke up by a natural alarm clock at 5:30am: A ROOSTER LIVES OUTSIDE OF MY sleeping in for me i guess. Greselda made Greg and I each a big fruit platter for breakfast, yummy! After I ate Greselda helped me unpack my things, she is very helpful.

Originally, we were all going to have our own host families. When we got here we learned that all four of us are staying with the same family so that we can build a community together. Its a good thing I like surprises.

It is very hott compared to ya'lls 15 degree weather. All in all, I love it here and can't wait to learn more about Managua!

Hasta Luego!


tccedprof said...

So glad to hear you made it! Living all together sounds like fun.

It's so cold here! I'm jealous of your warm weather.

Scott said...

Glad you guys made it safely! Love you so much sis... Thats great that you are all staying in the same house. let me know when you are able to skype.

Elise said...

Hi friend! So happy to see the pics and that you made it anwser to my prayer! Love, love your room! Oh hi, the colors! I know u love it, reminds me of Fluffs room in Lansing. Don't kno why u didn't get my other messages but I just said hope u got some much needed rest and I'm so happy that u got the blog goin' so everybody can see what's goin on with you guys and that u can feel more connected to your fam, friends and the friend! Already today I went to call ya and then remembered u were half way around the world!:) loveEEE, luv me

heartgirl1951 said...

So, I looked on the map to see how far away you are. From Temple, Texas Google site reports: 1485 miles away. Girl! YOU ARE A LONG WAY FROM HOME! And, I found out this is the capital city. Are you able to post why you are there? and what you are doing there? some of us here, don't know how you got there or why? sending semi-warm wishes from Texas (only 40 here today) C.

Jana said...

Joanna (and Greg too)
So glad to hear from you!
I look forward to sharing some of the experience through your blog.
Sending love and hugs from a VERY cold Calvin College!
Sending love, hugs, and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon- I hope your first weekend is adventurous. Did you get to go look around the town yet? I am so glad you and Greg are together. I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg and Joanna:
It's so nice and Sunny on this first Sunday in Feb. Went to church and adult S.S. Rode home with Janice to my house where a roast was baking in the oven and I finished cooking dinner - it tasted really good, especially nice to eat with someone!!! When I'm alone I have the radio on usually WMBI - some music or so.
So how is your Sunday going? I'm happy you both have this wonderful opportunity/experience - May the Lord Bless and Keep you! With love Grams B.