Thursday, May 6, 2010

Estoy Pensando

With only eight days left there are certain things that I am looking forward to that I have not had the comfort of for the past couple of months.
  • Getting my hair and nails done
  • Mexican Food
  • Flammin' Hot Cheetos
  • Sleeping with warm blankets
  • Driving my car
  • Shopping at Marshalls
  • Going to church
  • Not sweating
  • Using a washing machine and dryer
  • The comfort of familiar things
There are also things that I am going to miss about Nicaragua...
  • Seeing Mountains, lakes and volcanoes whenever I walk outside
  • The people
  • Taking weekend vacations to remote places
  • Buying Mango de rossas on the street
  • Buying amazing sugar bread things in the mornings
  • My internship
  • Being sun-kissed
  • Going to the movie theater for less than $3
  • Taking naps in hammocks
  • The Kodakness of this place
The great thing about both of these places is that both have a piece of my heart.


Alma said...

I am getting so old that now I talk to birds. ha ha ha

tccedprof said...

Things I miss about Greg and Joanna.
1. Their smiles and laughter.
2. Dropping in for dinner.
3. Playing games.
4. Their optimism for the future.
5. Seeing how they have changed.
6. Hugs.
7. Great conversationa.

Now only 7 days...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You do miss the Buckle and shopping for Roxy! You are missing the ants that have come on the counter this past week and the price of gas up to $2.97. You have missed Michelle's evergrowing belly. She now feels the baby kicking often. You have missed the near freezing temps this week too. Both places have good and bad. So glad you went but sooooo glad you are coming hooooome. There's no place like home. Love, Momma