Monday, May 10, 2010

Hacemos Memorías

Last night, Greg and I decided to take a break from the non-stop work and visit one of our favorite places: Mason Sur. Not only do they have great Margarita pizza, but the view is amazing, especially at sun set. It looks over a laguna crater and gives you a view of the whole city, including the giant Lake Managua, the volcano, and some mountains.

After that, I went home to wash some laundry in the washing sink, for what I think is going to be the last time hand-washing my clothes for awhile. I usually do my laundry at night because it is a bit cooler out and it is a good time to process the day.

As for today, all my work is done! Today at 3:30 we are going to present our work to the staff at the Nehemiah Center. After, we are going to go out for dinner with Iskra, she is our go-to person, our host family and Prof. Dan for a final celebration of our time here.

The next three days we are going to do some final traveling and try to visit four different cities. This is what we are thinking...
  • Tuesday=Granada: See the city, eat at restaurants and either go zip-lining or do a tour of islands
  • Wednesday=Matagalpa: Explore, eat, and see what there is to do
  • Thursday=Jinotepe/Masaya: Explore Jinotepe and eat lunch at this Chinese Restaurant (one of my many moments of culture shock and awkwardness, a Chinese restaurant where they speak Spanish). Then, head to Masaya to explore, eat dinner, and do the Mount Masaya hike (which includes a cave tour)!
Some where in there, I am going to pack and be ready to take my flight back to busy Chicago by Friday morning.


Samantha said...

zip-lining is awesome...i went in costa rica! but visiting islands is too. have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

All of that sounds awesome! What an adventure. See you soon. I am so happy for you and Greg that you have accomplished this goal for yourselves. What memories you will share. Love, Momma