Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lugares a ver, pero solo un poquito tiempo

This is what we ended up doing...
  • Tuesday=Granada-Walking through the city, Zip-lining, drinking smoothies, and eating
  • Wednesday=Masaya & Granada- Greg and I liked Granada so much we decided to go back. But first we went to an amazing burrito shop for lunch in Managua, then headed to Masaya's National Volcano Park to look into the Volcano. Then we headed to Granada to see more of the city, get another smoothie, and eat dinner.
  • Thursday=Jinotepe & Managua- We went to Jinotepe for the Chinese restaurant that was all I hoped it was going to be! Then we went back to Managua to use the internet and drink some coffee. After this we are heading back to the burrito shop for dinner and then going to the Ruben Dario National Theater for a night of flamingo guitarists and dancers.
Looks like I will have to finish packing in the morning before our taxi comes to pick us up at 9:00am to go to the airport. There is nothing like going where ever you want for how long you want to. We are just trying to soak up a little bit of everything before we leave.

1 comment:

tccedprof said...

We are so excited to:
1. see you and hear your stories.
2. observe how you have changed personally and professionally.
3. hug you and encourage you
4. share a meal with you
5. beat you at cards! :)
6. appreciate where God takes you in the future