Thursday, February 18, 2010

"El Huracan"

Yasert is my little brother for the semester. He is two years old, he is, in every sense of the phrase, in his terrible twos. From the time he wakes up till he falls asleep at night he is on the go, literally never stopping. I have nicknamed him "El Huracan" or "The Hurrican". Greiselda amazes me with her patience and her ablity to laugh at him; he is truly a bundle full of joy.


jake said...

hi Jo,

miss ya buches kiddo. i'm glad ur having a blast down there, and btw yasert is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I remember the tazmanian Scott on the rampage. Two is the first discovery of so many things. He sure is cute which helps a lot. I am sure that all of you help distract him some. I gave autie Jill your blog address and tried to tell her how to get on. She had no idea but wants to try. She sends her love. Love you bunches, Momma

Auntie Jill said...

JO-JO I am truly amazed with your courage to do this wonderful trip.Your an angel!I look foward to updates.Be safe Hurry home and have a blast.Auntie Jill