Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mi Primera Semana

Hola Amigos!
This week we started our classes. I decided that we needed to take a "First Day of School" picture while we were waiting at our bus stop. We have to take two buses to get to the Nehemiah Center. One bus costs 2.50 cordobas and the other is 3 cordobas. It is very cheap, it is 21 cordobas to our dollar!
On the right is a picture of one of my classrooms. Samantha, the other girl in the picture, and I are in an advanced spanish class. Greg and Tim, the other guy, are in begginer spanish. Sam and I's classroom is in the Nehemiah center, it is nice and open to the outside.
I decided that I want to add another day of spanish instead of taking the media class that Sam, Tim, and Greg are taking. Starting next week I will have four hours of spanish three days a week. That means that I am going to get a new teacher and it will be one-on-one. In addition to spanish, I am studying Nica Culture and History, and Worldview. I have a lot of homework already, but it is all facinating to me so I don't mind doing the work.
Since I am not taking that media class, I will have one day free to do something else. Some staff at the Nehemiah Center are going to find me some opportuinites, I may even get to teach English to some of the staff!
To get from place to place, usually we take public transportation (bus or taxi), Greg and I have opted to walk a lot of places to get more familiar with the area and for exercise. One of those times we decided to walk I was not wearing good shoes, by the time I got back home I had a huge blister on the bottom of my foot!!!! Roberto made me pop it with a steralized diaper pin, that was a gross, yet at the same time very funny moment. He put sometype of ointment on it and by the time I woke up it was all better! I learned two valuable lessons: Wear comfortable shoes when walking long distances, and DO NOT get a pedicure before you go to Nica b/c you need all the calluses you can get!!
Tuesday I had no class, so Greisleda and I hung out all morning. We watched a movie on tv and painted our nails, they are pretty and pink now. Although I did not have class I needed to be at the Nehemiah center so I could eat lunch and I had a meeting to arrange the whole more spanish thing. During the day it is safe to be by yourself, so don't be alarmed. I was doing really good, I got on the first bus correctly, then I got on the second bus correctly. The problem occured when I needed to get off. Roberto told me to get off at the cemetary, I for some reason did not proccess that infomation. The bus kept going down this road and I realized that I should have got off about five minuets ago. So I got off at the next stop and made a phone call for direction on what to do. Well I got directions, but I was not seeing what she said I was supposed to see so, I kept walking and walking thinking I was going to find the right road. Out of nowhere Greg calls me and I was like "IM LOST" He put Iskra, a Nica friend from the NC, on the phone. I told her what I saw around me. She said "wave down a taxi and give him the phone". So, that is what I did and thanks to Iskra, I got to the NC safley. It was a good adventure, somtimes you have to learn things the hard way. I was just happy because the cooks at the NC saved me a plate for lunch!
Well, I am at an Internet Cafe and I need to do some homework. Blog ya soon, haha!


LaurenD said...

I am so excited you are taking more Spanish! I am glad you decided to make a blog jojo. It is fun to here about your guys endeavors, mishaps, and memorable moments!

God is using you guys in ways you won't realize probably until you get back! Miss and love you! Hope you brought scrabble slam to teach the family there it could be a fun way to learn eachothers language maybe? Anyhow. Keep on writing! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jojo- I enjoyed your message today. We must have a getting lost family gene. It sounds like quite an adventure. The classroom is so nice with the open air. What kind of food are you eating? Are you learning to cook any of the food? You must be getting really back into your spanish. That is great! I had a blister like that once. To have it gone overnight is really something. That ointment must be very good! I love you and love to read your blog. Adios, Momma

Joe said...

Hey Friend!Hope you had a fantastic weekend seeing the sites!Cannot wait to see more pics.We'll have to scrapbook em' this summer.Your pics look so bright,warm and colorful(we are suppose to get 14 inches of snow over the next couple a days).Love how the house and your classroom are so open.Have a good day at school tomorrow...when you get back to the states english is going to be your second language.
Love ya and prayin' for ya~Elizabeth
p.s.please no more getting lost!:)