Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gallo Pinto

Nica food is very yummy, but it is differnt than I think most of you would assume. Nica food is kind of bland, depending on the item. There is one thing that is at almost every meal: Gallo pinto (rice and beans). I like it so much, that I am slighlty dissapointed if it is not at a meal. Another typical item is ensalada (salad) The salad is made with raw cabbage. It has lime and salt in it. They will sometimes add tomatoes and cucumbers to it. There is also this topping called "crema", it is a creme that tastes good on all of their food, I dont really know how to describe it. The yellow things in the picture are fried plantanes. I really like them too. There is not a ton of variety in the "typical" Nica diet. The reason is because they eat for survival, we on the other hand eat for enjoyment. In Nica they also eat their meals differently than in the states. In Nica, breakfast is the biggest meal, than lunch is big too, and dinner is smaller. It is hard to adjust to not having a hearty dinner, but it is proably better to do it in that order.

In the photo on the right is Grieselda and I. She decided that she wanted to do my make up. She put a lot of eyeliner on me. She thought it looked amazing, it did look nice, but when you are sweating nonstop a lot of makeup is no good. By the end of the night, I looked like I had black eyes, haha. I really enjoy hanging out with her though, we like to do and talk about similar things. She loves to give me pedi's and mani's, no matter what I say she insists on doing it, Nica's just love to serve.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jojo- I am glad you wrote about the food you are eating. I knew it would not be like traditional Mexican food as they have a very different culture. Maybe we can make the fried plantanes when you get home. I would like to try them. Do they taste like bananas? Love and prayers, Momma

Anonymous said...

hi I love that pic of you, chris

sam barker said...

i'm just getting caught up on your blog...but i LOVE gallo pinto! i had it almost every day when i studied abroad in costa rica and i miss it! :)