Monday, February 15, 2010

Poneloya: Don Ocean

This weekend we ventured out to the Pacific Coast. Our plans were to learn how to surf. In Nica, Don is a term of respect; I now call the ocean Don Ocean because I have a deep respect for it.

I've been to the ocean once before, but I only went in it for a few moments because I was scared. This time, I was fearless. I got my boogie board and dove right in, trying to swim past where the waves broke. I kept at it, but every time a wave came I got shoved back onto shore. The sum of my story is that I did not attempt surfing; I realized that I do not have the strength to paddle past the waves. My dreams were shattered this weekend, for my secret dream was to move to the ocean and be a surfer babe. But, I will stay positive. Greg, did a pretty good job surfing. He never got up, but he got close a couple of times. With some more practice I have no doubt he will be a surfer dude.

In addition to swimming a lot in the ocean, we ate some yummy food at some restaurants on the beach nearby. Also, my Prof, Dan Brun, and my friend Samantha and I made a reggae music video. Above is a picture of us posing. To say the least, we had a weekend full of laughter.

To remember the weekend I have lots of pictures, but also some battle wounds. One is a giant bruise above my knee from my elbow. The waves were very strong and I got knocked around a lot. The other battle wound is a nice giant scrape below my knee. I ventured out into some waters that were further down the beach and the waves crashed me into a nice rock that I could not see because it was underwater. I think that it is infected; hopefully tonight I can perform some First Aid on it to stop the infection.

And one last thing: Nicaragua has the best chocolate ever!

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tccedprof said...

Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I hope you aren't too bruised! You'll have to share your techniques with us this summer.

Thanks for another great post!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Jojo- Fearless!!! You go girl. I hope you were able to get that infection out. Yikes! At least you tried. You never know, right? You will have scars to remind you of how much fun it was to conquor your fears. Good job! Love you. Mom