Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Centro Nehemias

The Nehemiah Center is where I spend most of my time. It is an organization that contains multiple non-profits that are working to rebuild the walls of Nicaragua. Nicaragua has had many natural disasters, wars, and political instability. The organizations within the center work in various cities in Nicaragua to train the leaders with a biblical worldview, help communities see what potential they have, and aids them along in the process. The offices are all open and form a square, all surrounding the gazebo.

The top/middle picture is the "Rancheron." This is where we eat our lunches with the staff, relax, and many times have class. The top/left photo is Leonor and I. Leonor and I talk everyday. She has become a good friend of mine. We have English class once or twice a week because she is studying English and gets good practice with me. Likewise, I can practice my Spanish with her.

The top/right is Mercedes. Mercedes cooks us lunch everyday. I am blessed to eat her food, its muy sabroso (very tasty)!
Tomorrow I am having my last day of class, I will be taking my Spanish Final, it should take me three hours to complete! We had a meeting this week to finalize my internship plans. I will start it after spring break.

I have a couple main objectives during my seven week internship:

1. To work closely with the Nehemiah Center staff on materials in support of the work being done on HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence. This will include promotional materials which will be used to attract donors and articles which can be used in publications.
2. To pursue an independent study on the issue of sex trafficking in Nicaragua. I will do research on the topic and summarize my findings.
3. Work on the promotion of the Trinity Semester in Nicaragua program. This includes coming up with creative strategies, gathering personal testimonies, rewriting promotional materials, etc.

Next week is Spring Break. My brother and sister-in-law, Vince and Lauren, are heading down to Nicaragua. Greg and I will be spending the week in San Juan Del Sur with them. I am really looking forward to relaxing and seeing some family!

Love and Peace


Scott said...

Love and miss you so much Jojo! It was great to Skype yesterday :) we will have to do it again.

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Wonderstreams said...

JOANNA!!! omgosh. i am so glad you commented because now i can talk to yoU!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE. your life sounds awesome! i love your blog! i miss you so stinkin' much!! when do you come home?! here is my email renaekooy@sbcglobal.net

what is yours?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining exactly what the center does. I like the objectives you have for your internship. Have you found out where you will be doing the internship yet? Hope you have a great time over the break. Love Momma