Friday, March 12, 2010

Gracias a Dios es Viernes

Out of all the Gringo(name for Americans) restaurants to have, Managua has TGIFridays. We need a break from the culture immersion and were in serious need of a night out; we headed to TGIF for dessert.

While devouring our scrumptious dessert, we realized what a family we have become. Its amazing how we never run out of things to talk about. This year, they decided to do things a bit differently and have us all live together in one house. The first month it was a bit difficult because all you want to do is experience the culture without any hindrances. Living with three other North Americans hinders that a bit.

Now, during the second month, we are extremely grateful to have each other. Living in a culture that has virtually no similarities to your usual one definitely has its ups and downs. Having others to "talk through" the frustrations and funny moments is extremely important in this context. Even though we all come from different worlds, we have all have the same thing in common, everything here is different.

I am grateful for my roommates here. I am grateful for this opportunity to be stretched.

I am also grateful for my health because somehow, I am the only one out of us four who is not sick. I escaped the sick house to relax at Cafe Latina and get some homework done for the afternoon. Pray for them though, all of their stomachs are churning.

Love and Peace

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers for unity have been answered. God is good. I am glad that you found TGIF to get a break from the culture shock. So glad that we were able to skype this weekend. It is really cool and easy. I thought it would be complicated but it is not! Yeah!!! Love you so much. Have you any idea where you and Greg will do your internships? Love, Momma