Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Gregorio!

Greg had his 21st birthday on Monday! Everyone made it very special for him.

The day was started when Roberto and Yasert(I found out is spelled Jasser), played a wake up song and a birthday song outside of Greg's door. Jasser played the marimba and Roberto played a ukulele.

After class, I took Greg out to Todoasada for dinner. Todoasada is this great "hole in the wall" restaurant, that is only tree blocks from our house, with the most delicious meat and ensalada! Greg got carne asada(some type of beef) and I got pollo(chicken). It is one of our favorite places in Managua to eat.

After dinner, Greg and I walked back home and we had a fiesta. There was cake, very loud music, many speeches, toasts, singing, and laughter. Then on Tuesday, Griselda made a special dinner in honor of Greg's birthday.

Nicas Love to Celebrate Life!


Anonymous said...

What a memorable birthday. He will always remember! So glad you are doing this together. Happy Birthday Greg!!! Love you guys, Momita

heartgirl1951 said...

FYI carne guisada is like beef stew...but spanish style--IT IS WONDERFUL! I make that here in Texas!