Friday, March 26, 2010

San Juan Surf

This week my brother and sister-in-law came out to visit for spring break. We headed out to the Pacific Coast with the intent of surfing and relaxing at the beach everyday. I am happy to report that is exactly what we did.

Although my previous attempt to surf failed, this one did not. I got up multiple times and can't wait till the next time I get to ride the waves. We rented a beautiful house that was only a five minuet or less drive to the beach. My brother Vince's favorite part of the trip was the 4 cylinder turbo-diesel Toyota Hilux. San Juan del Sur is full of steep mountains creating bumpy rides, but we throughly enjoyed them together.

Having air conditioning and a blanket to sleep with was another one of my highlights. Overall, the week was spectacular; we surfed, talked, relaxed, ate, and played cards. I feel re-energized now. God has been showing me a lot and I am excited to see what else he has in store for the next 7 weeks of my internship.

Love and Peace

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