Thursday, April 1, 2010

Semana Santa

This week was the first week of my internship. This week is also Holy Week, which means that almost every person in Managua doesn't go to work and heads to the beach. As the week progressed buses filled with people leaving the city, stores closed down, and buses stopped running. We still came to the Nehemiah Center everyday because, for us, there was work that needed to be done.

We didn't do anything too exciting. Although, I did get to watch Dancing with the Starts on Monday and Tuesday night! Last night Greg and I went up to the local "On The Run"(gas station) and hung out there for the night. It has air conditioning, coffee, and snacks; making it a great place to relax and talk.

Tonight we are heading to Leon, where Roberto and Grieselda actually live, to see the festivities for Holy Friday. We are going to stay the night at Roberto's parents house tonight, tomorrow go out and see the city and watch the ceremonies late into the night.

I'll miss you all on Easter Sunday, because that day is not celebrated like we do, the big celebrations are today(Thursday) and Friday, one lady here explained it as being kind of "anti-climactic."

I will be celebrating Sunday though, because Jesus Christ came to the earth for the least of these and he came to pay for our sins so that if we confess them and live for him we will spend eternity with him. I praise him for his sacrifice and for the miracle of his resurrection, because he is ALIVE and living within us today.

Happy Easter!

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tccedprof said...

I hope you enjoyed your celebrations of Christ's resurrection! He is risen!