Monday, April 19, 2010

!lluvia lluvia!

For the first time in four months the clouds released their moisture into the Pacific Nicaraguan Coast on Saturday! We happened to be in Masaya visiting a famous market known for their art work, Artesanía.

The Artesanía is all handcrafted pottery, leather products, and paintings. They are very beautiful. But of course, I bought two pairs of wooden earrings. After the market, we went to a restaurant and ate a meal for $2. When we got back Greg was arriving home from his time filming in the mountains again. We went to On the Run to hang out and talk for the night.

Thanks to Amanda Cleary, I finished my first writing project for the Nehemiah Center today. I learned a lot through writing that one story. I look forward to writing my next assignments.

Wednesday, I will be going to Leon for two days to gather testimonials from the people impacted by the domestic violence and HIV/AIDS programs.


LaurenD said...

Love that you went to Masaya! Was that market anywhere near the place we were going the opposite way down the one way street? Miss and love you! Excited for your return jo jo!-lauren

tccedprof said...

Masaya looks like a colorful place!

You are in Leon right now. I'm praying for you! I hope you have wonderful conversations with the people there.

Love, Joy

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet. It was a great collaboration.

Anonymous said...

Such a colorful and vibrant place. I loved the pics. What fun. Glad you got to catch up with Greg. Can't wait to see his film. Love, Momma