Saturday, April 10, 2010

En Dios Confio

As far as our internships go, everyone but me is doing a film. This week, Greg, Sam, and Tim each left to begin filming in different Nicaraguan Communities. They are each gone for a different amount of time. The organizations I am writing for are based in Managua, so I have been here all week by myself. At times I was a bit lonely, because I am used to always being in a group of four. I tried to make the best of my time though.

It was one of the first times I felt alone here, which if you have ever experienced is not a great feeling. But, I new that God has purpose in everything he does, so I trusted that He was teaching me something through this. I don't know if I learned anything new, but I really had to rely on Christ to be my comforter, instead of people. I listened to some podcasts from Hillsong Church in Australia and one in particular talked about the need to give adoration to Christ and to always begin things with an attitude and words of gratefulness. I was encouraged, because with a shift in my attitude, my time alone did not have to be boredom. I used it to praise him, I used the time to make a plan of things to do and go out and do them, I used it to reflect, and read a lot.

I finished a book, Three Cups of Tea. I started reading it when I got here and it took me a while to finish, but it was a great story, and the topic happened to almost be an application of what I have been learning about poverty alleviation.

I posted a while ago about not knowing how to love people the way Christ does and that I was going to try and figure that out. Well, I have not come to a complete conclusion but I have been reading two books that have completely challenged my thinking and I highly recommend them. One is When Helping Hurts, the other is Poverty Alleviation. If you are interested in helping anyone at all, I suggest you read these first.

Before I leave I will be sure to talk about what I have learned as far as helping the poor, I don't feel as though I can do it right now, because I know that I still have a lot more to find out.

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Anonymous said...

I had not read your blog for a while. I have not been on the computer as much. Lots to do in the yard and my job has kicked my but. I am proud of you for using the alone time to learn and grow. It is hard to do when you are missing people and feel sad. What a great use of your time. As you can see, when you are alone a very lot, you talk to God a lot more as you do not have anyone to talk to. I love you, Momma