Thursday, April 15, 2010

¿Donde Vas?

Catching a taxi is a fairly easy thing to do in Managua, considering that every minute probably about 10 stop and try to get you in their car. The hard part comes when trying to tell them where to go...They don't have street names or addresses!

An address would be for example, turn left at the coconut tree and go three blocks in the direction of the lake. If the taxi driver doesn't know where THE coconut tree is you will have to get a different driver who knows. Getting home this is what I tell them...

Las Brissas, tres cuadras pasado el Hospital Lenin Fronsseca. Una derecha y una izquierda.
I live in Las Brissas, three blocks past Lenin Fronsseca Hospital, take a right, and then a left.

Sam came home for the week, so we decided to go to this Art Cafe. The guide book said their was supposed to be Open Mike nights on Wednesdays. Turns out, the entertainment was Star Trek in Spanish and after that really loud Hispanic eighties music with outrageous music videos. We had a good time. It was located at El Statua de Montoya, tres cuadras oeste o baja, una derecha y una cuadra mas.

This morning Sam and I caught a lizard with a blue tail.


Samantha Barker said...

the cab thing was the same in costa rica! it's craziness!

Anonymous said...

Yes, same for me in Zacatecas, Mexico. They drive very fast on very narrow steep hills with quick turns. Thank goodness I was with my Mexican friends or I would have been LLLLLLLLLLLost! A blue tailed lizard??? How cute. The Art Cafe sounds like fun. Love you bunches, Momma